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2012-2015 Strategic Plan Summative Results

Joycelyn T. Cassidy - School Executive

School Vision: In the pursuit of excellence, there is no finish line!
School Mission: Hunters Creek Middle School will provide our students with the best possible education while give them opportunities to showcase their knowledge and talents, with a goal to create the future leaders of America
School Purpose: To Prepare Children for the Future

Goals: 5 Bullets per goal; 3 data-driven, 2 General (we will remove this reminder before publishing)

Goal 1: HCMS students will be globally competitive through the mastery of a relevant and rigorous curriculum.
• 100% of the subject area teachers participated in the Data PLC (2014-15) and Understanding the Common Core Standards (2013-2014) facilitated by DLT and Instructional Coach.
• 38.6 % of the 8th grade was enrolled in Math 1 (14-15); 70.1% scored Level 3 or higher on EOC.
• 72.4% of 8th Graders scored Level 3 or higher on Science EOG
• Updated on-line versions of AM and AR were purchased
• 3rd successful year with visiting Chinese Teacher

Goal 2: HCM School and students will be led by creative, passionate, and technologically skilled professionals.
• 100% of the 7th and 8th grade teachers successfully included instruction via 1:1 devices.
• 100% of the staff received PD on implementation.
• 100% of the staff included media such as Edmodo; Remind 101; USA Testprep; Class Dojo; Kahoot as a part of their instruction.
• 100% of HCMS staff completed the required modules for Digital Citizenship.
• 30% of HCMS Parents submitted responses for the ASSIST survey (2015); 88% of the student population submitted responses for the ASSIST survey; 98% of the staff submitted responses for the ASSIST survey.

Goal 3: HCMS student will learn in a safe and civil environment to be ethical, healthy and productive citizens.
• 100% of the staff participated in HCMS Creek Cash Program
• Major infractions such as fighting or Aggressive behavior continue to decrease from over 49 incidences 2012-2013) to 23 (2014-2015).
• 150 students recognized during "Panther Banding" ceremony
• Tech Savvy Teacher of the Week recognized; Student of the Week recognition; Monthly Staff recognition
• Successful continuation of SAVE program with an increase of in membership

Goal 4: Leadership will foster innovation at HCMS in cooperation with families and community partners.
• 36 weekly TAPPN Reports (Take a Pause for Panther News) disseminated via school message calls.
• 10 Guest Speakers for 2014-2015 presented to AVID students
• 100% of the AVID students participated in HCMS Relay for Life Team
• 2 Parent Informational meetings were provided to HCMS community: 1:1 parent Guide; Parent Technology Night
• MFLC provided weekly classroom sessions for staff and students to support transition (military and non-military).

Goal 5: HCMS will be supported by effective and efficient processes and systems.
• Weekly TAPPN calls via school messenger and posted on HCMS website and continuation of student created Panther News.
• 100% of the staff participated in ERPD
• 100% of the EC department participated in EC PLC at district level
• 100% of the BT teacher PLC met monthly with BT coordinator and/or mentors
• 95% utilization of USA Testprep was completed by the student population as a benchmark assessment and/or instructional tool utilized by teachers for instruction.

Overall Successes
Implementation of the Common Core standards within limitations of loss positions and funding constraints
Successful Community Forums and community outreach
Positive implementation and participation with the HCMS PBIS (Creek Cash)
Building of relationships within the HCMS business community (Bojangles)
Impact and growth of SAVE program
Various technology throughout school/active DTLF
Diverse faculty and student body
Active MLFC (Military Life Family Counselor)
Opportunities for community service outreach

Continued and Necessary Next Steps
Continue to support district and schoolwide initiatives such as AVID; 1:1; Digital Citizenship curriculum.
Proper implementation of PLC for the purpose of planning and understanding data to identify at-risk students
Continue implementation of Creek Cash program as a student incentive and support of behavioral expectations
Provide and develop PD that supports Common Core instructional strategies and resources for teacher to impact student achievement