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Technology Information and Resources

This page will have informational links and resources for technology.


Hunters Creek 1:1 Initiative Page  HCMS_1:1

Onslow County 1:1 Initative Page  ONSLOW_1:1

Report 1:1 Laptop Issues       Work_Orders

Below are links to Reference Cards for handy guides for Social Media

Facebook Smart Card      FBSC

Google+ Smart Card       G+SC

Linked In Smart Card      LISC

Twitter Smart Card         TSC


The following was read to students during tutorial as a reminder of what laptops should and should not be used for:


It has been noticed that there are several games that are being downloaded and shared on the laptops.  Remember, this laptop is an instructional tool and you are in violation of the contract you signed when these games are downloaded.  We are giving you the opportunity to delete Minecraft, 5 Nights at Freddy's, or any other non-instructional program that you have downloaded.  Please take 5 minutes to delete these programs and then delete it from the recycle bin.  We will run another report that will list those who have failed to follow this directive.  Those on the list will be subjected to disciplinary action by Administration.   Any thumb-drives found being shared among students to download programs will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be followed based on the content of the thumb-drive.   In addition, laptops are NOT to be in use on buses.  Any bus write-up in reference to non-compliance of this rule can result in bus suspension as well as the loss of privilege for a period of time with your laptop.