Bright Idea Grant Winners
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Wednesday, March 08, 2017
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Bright Ideas Grants are awarded to teachers to enhance their classroom educational experiences. Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Cooperative awards. The North Carolina Bright Ideas Grant program allows teachers to apply for grants sponsored by NC Electric Cooperatives.
Hunters Creek Middle School was the recipient of 3 different winning grants.
Ms. Jalilevand, Ms. Robinson and Mr. Stiffler won for Something in the Water: Hydroponic Gardening. The students will learn about the hydrosphere through the use of a hydroponic garden. Students will study these gardens using their scientific inquiry skills.
Ms. Light won for If They Can Build It, They Will Come. A Makerspace is a creative forum for activities - STEAM/STEM related - and games housed in the library media center for individual students and classes to sign up for for rewards and incentives. This will foster groeth of the creative mind and be reward for the PBIS program.
Ms. Broberg, Ms. Fox, Ms. Holland and Ms. Larimore won for Finding Our Way "Outside." As students in the 8th grade ELA read The Outsiders, Breakout EDU kits and resources will allow us to organize a grade level project for the students to participate in that will support the learning and content objectives, allow for collaboration, and utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills.
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