Lunch Charges
Posted On:
Thursday, September 21, 2017

 In three weeks, we have already accrued over a $1000.00 in lunch charges.  The school needs your help to keep HCMS out of the red.  At the end of the year the debt that is not paid becomes the school’s responsibility which impacts the purchase of instructional materials.  To decrease this debt, we are reaching out to you for assistance.  Please check your child’s lunch account balance frequently.  This can be done through Parent Portal, or you can request a balance from the café by emailing or calling.  Balances will not be given out over the phone, but a note can be sent home with your child.  As an incentive, any HR that has 100% of their class without lunch charges will receive recognition and a pizza party.  Also, be aware, that effective Monday, any student that exceeds $20.00 in lunch charges will not be able to attend school dances or other non-instructional extra-curricular activities such as field trips and/or participation in clubs and athletics, until the charges are paid.  At any time, applications for free and reduced forms can be sent home.  It is imperative that you take care of this debt with HCMS as soon as possible. 

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